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YDT is a vertically integrated phone parts retailer with operations in the United States, China and Hong Kong. Specializing in post sales consumer electronic solutions and services with a commitment to growth and innovation.
What we have
YDT maintains the most comprehensive inventory in the global wireless repair parts marketplace. We publish and distribute our products in real time via our comprehensive and dynamically maintained website. functions as much more than just a web catalogue; it is also a database and CRM (customer relationship management) system that forms the core of our globally integrated enterprise resources platform, and allows for real time EDI between our global supply and distribution networks. YDT is a leading open source supplier of consumer electronics repair content, and regularly publishes repair guides and disassembly videos for high demand consumer electronics. YDT offers 24/7-tech support on consumer electronics maintenance via our Live Chat and repair channels. Providing maintenance guides, solutions and tutorials to the global consumer electronics community is what we do. We believe that in fulfilling our solutions mission as "open source" to as many people as we can, we help build our brand recognition and support the global consumer electronics marketplace as a whole.
Who we serve
From enterprise level remanufacturers, corporate refurbishers, to independent repair facilities, YDT delivers scalable, reliable and competitive value with respect to supply chain integration. We succeed every day in our endeavor to deliver value to our global customer base by providing a comprehensive and reliable supply of consumer electronics repair parts, as well as repair knowledge. With subsidiary offices strategically positioned globally, YDT is able to efficiently maintain quick ship inventory on key parts in demand, while processing reverse logistic operations and consolidating freight to regional suppliers and customers.


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