If some of your iphone 6 / 6plus parts are damaged, such as: screen, battery, rear camera, etc. If you are a DIY enthusiast, why do not you choose to replace the corresponding parts? The This is the most cost-effective way, which can save you a lot of money. The following article will teach you how to replace your iPhone 6/6 plus screen, battery and rear camera

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Screen as iphone 6 all parts of the most expensive and most vulnerable one, for its protection, it is really necessary. Then the following to teach you how to protect the iphone 6 screen?

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Many iphone 6 users reflect their own mobile phone in the use of a period of time, often the screen failure of this phenomenon, so that their normal use of mobile phones has brought great inconvenience. So like iphone 6 screen failure of this phenomenon, what is going on? Is there any good solution? Do not worry, the following to teach you how to solve.

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Still use the iphone 4s user, if their phones battery is damaged, but don't want to change mobile phone, so the most sensible thing to do is to replace the iphone 4s battery.And for users to choose their own to replace the iphone 4s battery, the first thing to know how to disassemble the iphone 4s battery?Let's together to look at in detail:

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In the process of using iphone 6, I believe there are many users will inevitably happen this situation: that is iphone 6 suddenly can not boot, using a variety of methods can not be resolved. So for the user encountered this situation, we together to analyze the reasons and know how to solve?

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Users usually use iphone 6, water, bumps and even fall fall these accidents are often very happened. So when your beloved iphone 6 encounters this accidental injury, do you know how to do it?

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Iphone 6 as Apple launched the first large-screen mobile phone, by the user's favorite. However, because the iphone 6 screen larger, therefore, compared to the previous iphone series, iphone 6 screen is often more fragile, more easily broken screen. Therefore, for the use of iphone 6 users, it is necessary to learn to protect the screen Caixing.

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How to protect the iphone 6 screen?

Feb 9, 2017 10:39:00 PM

We know that iphone 6 all the parts, the screen is undoubtedly the highest cost, but also the most vulnerable. A little note, the user's iphone 6 fell to the ground, it is likely to break the screen. The replacement of a new screen, no doubt the price is very expensive. Therefore, in order to avoid such things happen, users should be in their daily lives, learn to protect the iphone 6 screen Caixing. So how to protect the iphone 6 screen? In this regard, we together to know about!

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