Typically, when their iphone problems, we first think of Apple store to seek help. In fact, some small problems for the iphone, we do not need to buy expensive mobile phone parts, at home using some common items you can easily get, which undoubtedly save part of their maintenance costs. Then the following to teach you a few can easily solve their own iphone small problems, take a look at it!

Do it yourself, easy to solve the iPhone five small problems

1, if you think the Touch ID button a little sticky or work is not normal, do not rush to the Apple store maintenance, it is likely to make your Phone become a mess. Instead, you can use cotton swabs with alcohol to wipe, which will make your buttons look the same as new ones.

2, if your iPhone charge slowly, a problem may be stuck in the Lightning charging cotton fiber connector edge and corner, you can try to use a toothpick and other tools to remove the dirt inside.

3, if your iPhone headset sounds too small, it is likely that the problem of cotton fiber congestion. You can wipe the speaker grille with an eraser to remove dirt. Apple recommends users to use the brush gently remove the speaker of the dirt, which is clearly more health, but less fun.


4, many people have heard, if you wet the iPhone, you should put it into the rice box. But we have a better way: the new shoes in the silicone bag to save, and use them to dry cell phone.

5, if you need to replace the SIM card on iPhone, you do not need special tools. Apple recommends that a paper clip is the best tool.

Well, more than these five methods for solving some small problems iphone is undoubtedly very useful, they may wish to forward collection!