For many handheld iphone 6s users, I believe many are entangled in to replace the iphone 7? The solution to this problem, we first look at the iphone 7 compared iphone 6s, which aspects of the progress? What is good? To determine whether the user is necessary to replace their hands iphone 6s iphone 7!

Compared to iphone 6s, iPhone 7 What is good? Iphone 7 highlights analysis

1, compared to iphone 6s, iphone 7 parts of the more powerful performance, at the same time, has also brought new features,

, Which have to mention is the front of the circular touch-type fingerprint recognition module, and the general touch button is different is that the iPhone 7 fingerprint recognition keys with 3D Touch features, by tapping and re-press can achieve two different The operation, while touching keys to solve the mechanical structure of the physical keys short life issues.

2, before and after the camera upgrade

IPhone 7 rear camera, although the same with the 6s as 12 million pixels, but the iphone 7 camera imaging performance reached a new height, and joined the original iphone 6s Plus is equipped with optical image stabilization, front also from the previous 500 Megapixel upgrade to 700 million, in short, if you are very valued mobile phone camera, iPhone 7 camera, a substantial upgrade can be your replacement reason.

3, sound quality has also been upgraded

In addition to camera quality upgrade, iphone 7's external sound quality has also been upgraded, with the previous monocular at the bottom of the fuselage, iPhone 7 handset can achieve the role of the speaker, the speaker speaker + bottom speaker iPhone 7 to achieve a stereo surround.

4, joined the IP67-level waterproof and dustproof function

There is a very worth mentioning that the new features is the iPhone 7 IP67-level waterproof and dustproof, this feature for the practicality of different people is also a certain controversy, the same take my habits, I use the phone is not The film does not wear sets, iPhone 7 waterproof feature allows me to easily wash and see the phone dirty to get the edge of the pool to squeeze the point of hand-washing and washing can be a new look dry, but for those who like to paste protective film and condom Of the users, iPhone 7 of this new feature should be said is not significant.

5, add a new color

It can be said that the most worth buying iPhone 7 is bright black or matte black, because the black can further hide the body antenna, so that the whole perception of stronger.

Through the above description, we can feel that the iPhone 7 and 6s is the biggest difference between the details of the upgrade experience, although little change in industrial design, but the black line can be considered to join the iPhone 7 looks even more beautiful.

Then see the end, for the iphone 6s users, it is worth replacing the iphone 7, must have their own hearts have the answer!

Iphone 7 highlights