For going out, carry no SIM card needle iphone users, if you want to remove the iphone's SIM card, you can try the following five methods, I believe will be very good help to you.

No SIM card pin need not worry! Teach you five different ways to remove the iPhone SIM card

1, the word clip (paper clips / paper clips)

This method is basically all will be used, Apple's official support is also recommended to use this method. Only need to fold the outer part of the word clip, you can when the SIM card pin into the iPhone to remove the SIM card, after the completion of the shape can be bent back to the word clip when the stationery, the number of additions, and can carry, is to replace the iPhone SIM card pin The best tool.

SIM card pin

2, staples

Staples are very sharp, but not every one can be used, the so-called staples refers to the general file with the staples, fine needle can flexion can be stretched, split out after a length of flexion, SIM card can be inserted into the iPhone when the SIM card out of the SIM card, and there is an advantage, you can use disposable, not afraid stabbed stab people.

SIM card pin

3, sewing needles

There must be a box of needles in the house for the purpose of repairing or weaving clothes. Which domestic sewing needle with the degree of infants, in fact, can be inserted into the iPhone SIM card hole to remove the SIM card. However, there is a sewing needle problem is too sharp, and if excessive force may be inserted in the position of a very shallow hole.

SIM card pin

4, toothpicks

These will be used to eat toothpicks, the original can be removed iPhone SIM card tool, but there is a problem is that a lot of double cone-shaped toothpick is greater than the radius inserted SIM card slot hole, if a knife, then, will It cuts the toothpick to the thickness that can be inserted into the SIM card slot and tries to insert the SIM card slot. If you still can not insert, it is recommended to switch to other tools to avoid toothpicks plug the cave.

SIM card pin

5, earrings

Ladies took to the streets may wear earrings, in fact, some of the earrings needle, in fact, can be inserted into the iPhone SIM card slot to remove the SIM card.

SIM card pin

The above five to allow users to more easily remove the iphone's SIM card, for users, the next time you want to remove your iphone's SIM card, if you do not carry SIM card needle, then try these five methods.