For Apple to move back to the United States assembled this iphone hot news, do you think will really happen?

US President-elect Trump recently told Cook that if the iPhone can move back to the US manufacturing, Apple will consider a substantial reduction in corporate taxes. At the same time also came the apple has asked Hon Hai, and the master assessment of the possibility of set up factories in the United States. In this regard, the Singapore media bluntly, China has a large and skilled labor, production and technology, a high degree of concentration advantage, iPhone moved back to the United States manufacturing can never be achieved.

In addition to low labor costs and low limits of regulation, China's most important advantage is the large and skilled labor force. Apple foundries in the last year to iPhone6 s production, then summer recruitment of 100,000, this spectacular scene can not occur in the United States.

Apple executives estimate that to manage 200,000 production line workers, need 8700 industrial engineers, but in 2014 the United States only 7,000 college students to complete the professional learning. In contrast, Shenzhen has millions of engineers and labor force, a high concentration of production and technology.

In addition, iphone parts are mostly produced near the assembly line, so not only speed up the production rate but also reduce inventory and logistics costs. This after decades of development from the industrial ecological system, can not all move to the United States, this is also unreasonable.

The ecosystem makes Apple one of the most profitable companies in the world, supporting two million jobs in the United States and enabling Americans to buy the best electronics at the most affordable price. At the same time as Asia, especially China's development, the demand for these places on the iPhone is also growing. If Apple moved back to the US production, the cost is bound to increase, these additional costs will eventually be reflected in the price. This is fatal to Apple.

Therefore, the comprehensive consideration of all aspects, we believe that Apple will not be able to move back to the United States iphone assembly. In this regard, do you agree?