For iphone 6 users, if their cell phone there are some problems, as long as the damage is not iphone 6 parts need to be replaced, then you can completely solve. This will not only save a lot of time, but also can save a large part of the maintenance costs. Then to introduce the two most common iphone 6 failures and related solutions, take a look at it!

Iphone 6 appear

  Iphone 6 appear these two kinds of trouble, oneself can solve

  1, iphone 6 is not charging!

  Connect ligtining data line phone does not charge icon, or a charge will not charge, and insert the data line will feel completely plugged in. Encounter such problems and may be your tail plug into the dirty things, Take a small flashlight irradiation tail plug (normally see the white), if you see is a piece of dense, this time to take the card needle, (do not take the card to take something similar to replace) into the end of the next plug clean, You will feel inside is cotton, (are the pocket of cotton), and some will feel stiff, it shows that things go inside some time! Clean up the end you will find a small tail jack capacity is so great! .

  Clean up the phone to complete the normal charge. (If you clean up or not, unfortunately, consider replacing the tail plug or battery it).

  2. handset problem is that we often encounter a more difficult problem.

  Many iphone 6 users will encounter the earpiece voice getting smaller and smaller this phenomenon, the earpiece has been affixed to the ear or feel no sound, and other features of the normal phone, no water or other dysfunction. Often this kind of problem can try to help clean up, because a long time phone, mobile phone handset will be very close to the hair, a long time our hair oil will enter into the mesh handset, oil and then adsorption of air dust, the passage of time will the handset Completely blocked! .

  At this time we can take a better quality of the soft bristle toothbrush, hair brush as thin as possible, then brush the water After the second, try to make calls, the other side crisp bright voice sounded again! Congratulations on your cleanup success!

  Well, these two phenomena believe that a lot of iphone 6 users will often encounter. Therefore, these methods are described above is more practical, I believe I will use to, therefore, may wish to collect their own!