Still use the iphone 4s user, if their phones battery is damaged, but don't want to change mobile phone, so the most sensible thing to do is to replace the iphone 4s battery.And for users to choose their own to replace the iphone 4s battery, the first thing to know how to disassemble the iphone 4s battery?Let's together to look at in detail:

Disassemble the iphone 4s battery steps


Turned away at the bottom of the bottom of the screw.

With the safety of the small screwdriver away two small screws at the bottom of the iPhone 4s.

Put them in a safe place.

The screw diameter of 3.6 mm, located at the side of the dock connector port.

iphone 4s battery


Pushing up floor, put it out.

Both hands holding the iPhone 4s, thumb on the floor, the other fingers on the screen.

Push up the floor will be separated from the fuselage.

You need to use force to push the bottom up.

In order to minimize the risk of damage to the screen, the main applying pressure with your thumb on the bottom or at the bottom of the top, rather than in the middle.

Floor will move up about 2 mm.

Bottom slip up, you can move it to the next, to lift up, thoroughly and in front of the separate parts.

If can't remove floor with his fingers, might as well use small suction cups have a try.

iphone 4s battery


Open the battery around the screw.

With # 00 cross screwdriver, remove the batteries around the two screws.

These screws to the battery connector to connect to the motherboard.

Note that the above screw shorter than below the screw.

iphone 4s battery


The battery connector to pry up.

Will be next to stretch into the battery at the top of the plastic lever under the metal joint, a lift up, and it main separation.

Dismantle the battery connector, you should also consider pull down the little clamp under the battery connector.

Same with plastic lever pulled down.

Without this step, when the demolition of joint, clamp is likely to be scattered.

Proceed with caution to avoid accidentally bracket to pry up.

You only need to remove the connector is ok.

iphone 4s battery


Take out the iphone 4s battery.

Under the plastic lever at the top of the packed into the battery, carefully picked up and put it out.

You need to be careful.

Below the battery with glue and back cover it together, so you need to take it out with considerable strength, but also to control the strength.

You can also pull plastic piece on the battery, and then take it out.

Don't be too close to the top of the iPhone 4s, because this is the volume control key location of the wire.


Finally, be especially strong is your own to replace the iphone 4s risk is bigger, therefore, for users beginning ability is not too strong, it is better to go to the mobile phone repair shop to change.