In the process of using iphone 6, I believe there are many users will inevitably happen this situation: that is iphone 6 suddenly can not boot, using a variety of methods can not be resolved. So for the user encountered this situation, we together to analyze the reasons and know how to solve?

Iphone 6 does not boot

Iphone 6 does not boot the cause and the solution

1, the battery is no electricity,

First of all, we want to exclude is not your iphone 6 no electricity, of course, this is the most simple, we can basically exclude their own. Completely no electricity, plug in the charger, you need to charge a power will boot, we do not worry.

2, software failure

If you plug the charger did not respond, and there is electricity, according to what did not respond. There may be a crash, similar to the computer system crash. We will iphone 6 home key and switch button with a long press, pleasantly surprised to find that even Apple logo, you can enter the system. Long press the home button and switch key can be forced switch machine, is not up the knowledge.

3, hardware failure

If the long press the home button and switch the key or no response, then the hardware failure, and if your phone is still warranty time, it is recommended to get after sale; if the insurance, and get a bit after the sale is not worthwhile, personal recommendations Take the repair shop for reliable maintenance. Of course, if you hands-on ability, then you can buy their own iphone 6 parts, their own to replace, this is undoubtedly the most cost-effective solution.

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