Recently, many users to reflect their own iphone charging will not support this device, but insert more than a few times and can charge this phenomenon, not help very puzzled, why is there such a phenomenon? In this regard, we together to analyze and give the corresponding solution!

IPhone charging incompatibility? Are you how to solve!

The first is likely to be bad touch iphone Lightning interface

Solution: try to clean up the data line interface to see if the interface of the data line metal bars are dirty, if there is time to clean up, long-term clean-up such charging will lead to secondary damage. As shown ↓

IPhone charging

The second is likely to be inside the phone inside the tail row of dust

Solution: It is recommended to use the needle to clean up the end of the plug inside the dirty things.

IPhone charging

The third connection to the computer will also appear this problem, may be the front USB port power supply is insufficient, there will not support this device. As shown below ↓

Solution: It is recommended to insert the computer's rear USB port. As shown below ↓

IPhone charging

The fourth to buy a cottage data line, and may not be genuine data cable data lines, power supply is not enough or unstable, there may be equipment does not support.

Solution: the proposed sale of genuine Apple to buy genuine data cable to prevent cottage data lines lead to secondary damage to the phone. If found to be false data line suggested replacement.

IPhone charging

Fifth mobile phone quality problems, if you are buying two mobile phones or refurbished machines, repair the iphone also have such problems, and some businesses back plug is made, and not the regular cable, direct power to the motherboard , There may be equipment does not support the situation.

Solution: take the repair shop to the professionals to check, or directly replace the rear plug cable. As shown below ↓

IPhone charging

Well, these five methods for solving the iPhone charging incompatibility of this phenomenon, or very practical. Users encounter iphone charging incompatibility of this phenomenon, may wish to follow these five methods to do.