Users usually use iphone 6, water, bumps and even fall fall these accidents are often very happened. So when your beloved iphone 6 encounters this accidental injury, do you know how to do it?

iphone 6 accidental damage

Teach you to solve the iphone 6 accidental damage to the four cases

One, iPhone 6 water

The water situation that a large part of the user is very troublesome, a lot of people out of the water after thinking about whether the normal boot phone, and then press the POWER key and the HOME key, in fact, this is a mistake or even fatal approach. The phone is in the boot state of the water, good luck may only be positive circuit short circuit, this failure is not boot, less damage, maintenance is low; bad luck will cause other lines of short circuit, then the phone will Very hot, until the battery exhausted, encountered this situation need to immediately shut down (of course, the premise is the screen touch available), the longer the boot time, the more serious damage, or even impossible to repair.

Water iphone 6 in the first time press the HOME button, if the screen does not shine basically off the state, so do not have any operation, if the screen is lit, you need to immediately shut down, and finally sent to repair as soon as possible.

Second, external impact

External impact on the degree of damage to the phone is not to be underestimated, the light of the LCD screen broken, serious will lead to plate break and can not be repaired. So if your iphone 6 often fall, or suggest that you take a soft suit and the like to protect, so as to avoid unnecessary losses.

Third, the signal failure

Normal use of the case suddenly no signal, restart is useless, and then follow the online tutorial Brush, the results are being given, the boot is the data line mode interface, no longer enter the main interface.

The cause of this failure is due to the baseband part can not run properly lead brush failure. The biggest problem with this operation is that once you brush the phone on this phone, the difficulty of maintenance is very large, because the fault point in the baseband part, and brush machine after the phone boot baseband is not activated, it is not measured To all the voltage. Need to brush machine edge measurement, time-consuming immeasurable.

So why do you want to avoid this problem? When your phone appears signal-related failure, first check the settings - GM - on the machine to see if the inside of the modem firmware is a version of the number, if it is blank do not brush machine. The first time sent to repair.

Four, iPhone 6 black screen

Normal use of the case suddenly black screen without any reaction, this time you can hold the POWER and HOME button for 10 seconds, forced to restart. If you do not boot, try to connect to the computer, open iTunes, no information display to start DFU mode brush machine. Or not boot, then it can only repair the

Above is to teach you in the iphone 6 encountered four kinds of accidental damage should be how to do, I believe it is more practical, users may wish to collect a friend, I believe will be used to!