Teach you recipe can effectively protect the iphone 6 screen method

Iphone 6 as Apple launched the first large-screen mobile phone, by the user's favorite. However, because the iphone 6 screen larger, therefore, compared to the previous iphone series, iphone 6 screen is often more fragile, more easily broken screen. Therefore, for the use of iphone 6 users, it is necessary to learn to protect the screen.

Teach you recipe can effectively protect the iphone 6 screen method

1, do not use inferior film

Poor mobile phone film is not only feel bad, but also easy to produce static electricity, damage iphone 6 screen, affect the sensitivity ...

2, do not put together with the hard objects

For example, iphone 6 in your pocket or bag, do not put a piece with the key, otherwise the screen will be scratched.

3, do not use "condenser pen"

Some friends like to use the "condenser pen", that easy to operate, in fact, long-term use of such "capacitor pen" will scratch the screen ...

iphone 6 screen

4, do not use alcohol on the screen clean

Many friends like to use alcohol to clean iphone 6 screen, that can sterilization. In fact, alcohol can corrode the screen coating, causing irreversible damage ... It is recommended to use a special cleaning solution to wipe the screen.

5, pay attention to away from the electromagnetic field

Electromagnetic field on the phone screen also have some damage, do not put the phone for a long time on the magnet, audio, etc. next to ...

The above five methods for the protection of the iphone 6 screen is very helpful, the user may wish to try!