How to protect the iphone 6 screen?

We know that iphone 6 all the parts, the screen is undoubtedly the highest cost, but also the most vulnerable. A little note, the user's iphone 6 fell to the ground, it is likely to break the screen. The replacement of a new screen, no doubt the price is very expensive. Therefore, in order to avoid such things happen, users should be in their daily lives, learn to protect the iphone 6 screen Caixing. So how to protect the iphone 6 screen? In this regard, we together to know about!

Protection iphone 6 screen, you can start from seven aspects!

1, a lot of people like to lie in bed to play mobile phones, but you have to pay attention, when you decide to sleep the best of their iphone 6 aside, do not get too close, do not put under the pillow.

iphone 6 screen

2, do not iphone 6 with the key, all kinds of cards installed in a pocket, so that the cards and mobile phones are not good. The key is very hard, not easy to scratch the phone screen. IPhone, millet mobile phone screen saver tips

iphone 6 screen

3, so that their mobile phones away from rain, fog, so the phone screen and chips are not good.

4, the phone screen is afraid of oil and sweat and other different dielectrics, will make the phone screen does not respond to touch or screen drift, it should be dry as soon as possible.

5, try to avoid the phone and speakers or other items with magnetic close contact. A long time will cause permanent failure.

6, with a period of time to clean the screen with a detergent to avoid dust into the phone. This will also make your screen clearer.

7, regular maintenance, only the daily maintenance, so the phone can be used for longer.

Well, these are sorted out to protect the iphone 6 screen method, for users, it is recommended to do a follow suit.