Many iphone 6 users reflect their own mobile phone in the use of a period of time, often the screen failure of this phenomenon, so that their normal use of mobile phones has brought great inconvenience. So like iphone 6 screen failure of this phenomenon, what is going on? Is there any good solution? Do not worry, the following to teach you how to solve.

Teach you to solve the iPhone 6 screen often malfunction

First, the screen contact surface problems

1, sometimes iPhone 6 screen failure is because the screen above the dust is too large or too much stains caused by, you can first find a piece of cloth (glasses cloth can) clean up the screen.

2, after applying the hand cream or hands wet immediately when using the touch screen may not be the reaction, so when using the phone as much as possible to keep dry hands.

3, garbage mobile phone film may also lead to poor sliding, replaced by good quality mobile phone film.

iPhone 6 screen

Second, the voltage instability

Voltage instability may also cause screen failure. Capacitive screen in the case of unstable transmission voltage, will "drift" or even failure. Encountered this situation check your battery how much power, when the power is less than 20% of the time you can try charging.

iPhone 6 screen

Third, the mobile phone system running a problem

1, if not the problem caused by the screen itself, the system may be running when the card shell. Baby can try a key to clean up the memory (long press the power button, slide the shutdown page, long press the Home button). If not, try to restart the phone.

2, touch screen is sometimes ineffective with the iOS system version, or too old, or the new system is unstable, the problem only ... ... recognized it You can refer to the above method to try.

3, if no response can restart the phone to try, and finally determine the iphone 6 screen damage, and can only replace the corresponding iphone 6 parts.

Well, these are all to teach you how to solve the iPhone 6 screen often malfunction anomalies, the user, and then encounter the screen failure phenomenon, may wish to teach these methods from the above to do.