Touch ID as iphone series of unique features for users to better use the iphone has brought great convenience. However, many users also respond to the iphone home key in the use of a period of time, there will be reaction insensitive phenomenon. Therefore, the response to the users of this issue, we have to talk about how to make iphone home key reaction more sensitive?

Let iphone home key reaction more sensitive to the five practical methods

1, regular cleaning

For the fingerprint sensor, the stain is a very big obstacle, it is recommended that users can add a little water with alcohol to Touch ID sapphire glass to clean, if it is iPhone 7 users, you can use toilet paper dip a little soap Rinse with a little water.

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2, try to keep the hand clean

In addition to stains, the moisture on the fingers will also affect the success rate of recognition, so wash hands to keep hands dry is the most direct way, especially after meals, the fingers of the oil will not only affect the fingerprint fingerprint, but also get Dirty screen.

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3, regular reset

Directly re-scanning the fingerprint is the most straightforward solution if it is not sensitive after wiping. While scanning, remember that the finger must be properly positioned and scanned at an appropriate angle so that the Touch ID will move the fingerprint As well as the fingerprint edge to the complete record.

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4, set the same fingerprint

If you usually only one or two fingers to unlock, then the Touch ID to allow five fingerprints are set to the same finger is a good method, especially in the first generation of Touch ID (iPhone 5s) This method can indeed greatly improve the recognition success rate.

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5, re-boot

General mobile phone boot time is too long, it will take up more and more memory, especially older models, the new iOS system will often result in slow processing of old iOS devices, more serious will cause slow, so Will also affect the success rate of Touch ID, then re-boot the phone directly (especially for several days are in the boot state), allows the phone to restore speed, you can also improve the speed of fingerprint recognition to unlock, of course, if you are the latest iPhone7 Not the comparison.

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Well, these five methods can make iphone home key reaction speed greatly enhanced, their own might as well try, take a look at it!