iphone 6 battery

For many "fruit powder" for iphone 6 battery life has been much criticized, the battery capacity is not increased by Apple's fast-charging technology with caution for the attitude, in this regard would like to say a "love" is really not easy. Today we have to talk about these two features on the iPhone 6, after closing the phone more power, life more durable.

Iphone 6 battery is not durable? You should turn off both!

1. Disable background application refresh

When the iPhone 6 in the WiFi network or mobile data network when the background of the application will continue to refresh operations, such as the stock market, memorandum, etc., after the closure to help save power!

Specific steps: Settings - General - background application refresh (off)

2. Selectively turn off system services

IOS system which has a "go places" feature I believe we all know, that is, you will often record the place, not only consume traffic and will always wake-location service! After the closure of both save and protect privacy.

Specific steps: Settings - General - Privacy - Location Services System Services - frequented locations (off)

Well, more than these two methods for the extension of the iphone 6 battery life is still very helpful, you may wish to try!