As the IOS camp and Android camp in the two representatives, iPhone 7 and Samsung Galaxy S7 can be described as the planet is currently the best smart phones, and they are equipped with powerful mobile phone parts, beautiful design. Therefore, many people like to take these two phones to do comparison. However, personally think that compared to iphone 7, Samsung Galaxy s7 phase is inadequate. The following list will be listed on the iPhone 7 has an important function:

IPhone7 Samsung Galaxy s7 rolling the seven major advantages, do you agree? 

1, iPhone 7 Plus dual camera supports 2x optical zoom and 10x digital zoom

Optical zoom means you can zoom in and out without compromising picture quality. Digital zoom is essentially "cropping" pictures, while the Samsung Galaxy S7 camera does not have optical zoom.

2, IPhone 7 can take full advantage of the new Air Pods

While any standard Bluetooth audio device can use Air Pods, but if you use with the iPhone will be more convenient, such as matching the use of Siri will be more convenient.

3, iOS platform is often the first to get good APP

Application developers are often more Android platform than iOS, iPhone users can generally be the first to experience the best APP. Although not every APP is the case, but if you want to give priority over other people experience the best APP, then the iPhone 7 is very suitable for you. For example, Nintendo chose the first in iOS rather than Andrews platform release "Super Mario Run".

4, iPhone 7 commitment will continue to optimize the system updates

Apple has a strong OTA function, even if your Apple device has been used for several years. Once the version of the update system will still prompt you. For example, has been on sale for 4 years of the iPhone 5 can also be updated to the latest iOS 10 system. Samsung is rarely in a year to update the system, in fact, the new version of the Android system is often a good few months time will appear in the Samsung mobile phone.

5, iPhone 7 has more capacity options

IPhone 7 has 32GB, 128GB or 256GB capacity version to choose from, while Galaxy S7 is only 32GB capacity version, in addition can only add a memory card. And not all APP can be installed to the memory card, which undoubtedly also caused inconvenience to the user.

6, iPhone 7 has a faster processor

Before the iPhone 7 equipped with the A10 chip test has shown that this is by far the fastest mobile-side processor (Ann rabbit on beat all Android phones), in fact it's power is sufficient to support some of the notebook computer. Although Samsung can also produce excellent mobile phone processor, but the Galaxy S7 running speed is not yet compared and iPhone 7.

Well, the above is the leading iphone 7 Samsung Galaxy s7 seven reasons, after reading the above description, do you recognize it?

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