As far Apple released the most powerful ever performance 4-inch screen mobile phone, iphone se once released, will be the focus for media and consumer attention.

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iphone se popular for two reasons

Jul 19, 2016 1:47:01 AM

Although just released iphone se is widely Tucao, but when it is listed, it still can not stop the consumer favorite. For iphone So this small screen, the user why it is so alike? I think the reason so popular iphone se, no more than two reasons:

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As the strongest ever performance 4-inch phone iphone, iphone se phase will be a lot like the small screen size of mobile phone users in the Hi, many people are ready to start. However, to remind the user that before buying iphone se, have recognized the three design flaws on iphone se, and it is easy to know oneself is not worth buying? In order to fully protect their interests.

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For ipohone se before Apple just released, many people easily mistaken for iphone se it is iPhone 5s shell loaded iPhone 6s parts. In fact not the case, even though the vast majority of iPhone se core parts taken from iphone 6s, however, in some other parts of the iPhone SE is still selected older iphone parts.

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Since iphone se before Apple released still using iphone 5s design, and most of the parts from inside iphone5s, iphone6, iphone 6s, therefore, be ridiculed by many market analysts, is that this is Apple's lack of innovation, the performance of the same old stuff, It was unanimously not optimistic.

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USA dismantling an electronics website, iPhone SE material cost is $ 260, according to the price of $ 399 (minimum version), Apple's profit margin is about 35%. Apple is currently selling the iPhone 6s and delisting of the iPhone 5s, gross margins are about 45%. This can not help but be seen from the side, Apple's mobile phone sales in order to stimulate off-season, willing to sacrifice some profit margin.

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