The iphone 6 how to maintain?

Aug 10, 2016 1:13:14 AM

The iphone 6 as the first big screen mobile phone, apple is the user's favorite.But for users, while enjoying your iphone from 6 cheong fun to play outside, also must pay attention to maintenance of it.This is because the iphone 6 parts also have life, we often are needed to maintain.Only so, can guarantee the service life of the iphone 6 less and less of a problem.Then the iphone 6 how to maintain?Come to this, we will find out!

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As far Apple released the most powerful ever performance 4-inch screen mobile phone, iphone se once released, will be the focus for media and consumer attention.

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Why would you iphone 6 Caton?

Jul 26, 2016 8:40:45 PM

It has been, iphone Take smooth system is known, very seldom Caton phenomenon. However, since iphone6 release, many users will obviously feel often there will be a feeling of Caton. Why is this? What is the reason? In this regard, we have to properly analyze!

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Although iphone 6s and iphone 6 looks the same, but the difference between them is still very large. As upgrade iphone 6, iphone 6s internal parts configuration higher, more advanced, but the user can not see it visually. So here we come to find out the specific difference between the iphone 6s 6 and iphone.Read More

Because iphone6, iphone 6 plus battery is designed to not be uninstalled, so for iphone6, iphone 6 plus battery conservation is particularly important. So how to conserve iphone 6, iphone 6 plus batteries it? Following up on a clear understanding:

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Iphone while charging while playing this case, I believe this is a lot of users will often do things. But here, to remind users that if you want your iphone live longer, then you should change this wrong behavior.

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As Apple launched the first large-screen phone --iphone 6/6 plus, has been unanimously sought users, sales are very large. Although the iphone has been very good quality, the use of mobile phone parts are of the highest quality, but want to achieve the perfect level, not reality. Coupled with the massive sales, I believe there will always be a part of the user during use will encounter some problems. Then for three faults on iphone 6/6 plus users most frequently encountered, we take a look at, and to know what is the solution? !

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iphone is not only configured with high-quality parts, beautiful design, safety and reliability of the application, the system is also a smooth and practical. Iphone then as the most fundamental and common function, then call this function and many users do not know some of the tips that we have here to understand what exactly together!

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