As far Apple released the most powerful ever performance 4-inch screen mobile phone, iphone se once released, will be the focus for media and consumer attention.

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For ipohone se before Apple just released, many people easily mistaken for iphone se it is iPhone 5s shell loaded iPhone 6s parts. In fact not the case, even though the vast majority of iPhone se core parts taken from iphone 6s, however, in some other parts of the iPhone SE is still selected older iphone parts.

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Compared to a lot of Android phones, iphone often gives the impression that the more expensive. However, despite iphone expensive, but it is the most cost-effective smart phone! Why do you say this way? Here we take a look:

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Shock! An old phone = a gold mine

Jul 5, 2016 10:50:49 PM

For older mobile phone users, often choose to sell second-hand mobile phone recycling firms. Old phone to the user's own, it may not have any use! However, second-hand mobile phone recycling firms, is the baby.

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When the phone is broken or when a long time useless old phone, many people will choose very direct trash, but one of his seemingly small act, but our environment will bring great harm .

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As a by the people all over the world like smart phones, iphone has been the focus of attention. Today we have an interesting topic to talk about the iphone, What is the most expensive iphone parts are?

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We know that Apple is only responsible for the design iphone, provided by leading parts suppliers around the world mobile phone parts, final assembly is completed by the Taiwanese company Foxconn. So as a global product, iphone parts are what is provided by the American company? I believe this is one thing that many Americans are concerned about. Here we talk together this interesting topic:

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By users like the iphone, in addition to the exquisite workmanship, beautiful appearance, smooth system, rich applications, there is a very important reason is that it USES the highest quality mobile phone parts, to say the iphone mobile phone parts, often represents the industry's highest quality, it also reduces the users from the side on the cost of decision, make it tend to consider the iphone first.

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