To charge the phone, some wrong behavior often damage to the battery, affecting battery life. Then the following describes the two most damage to the battery the wrong habits, user-friendly and timely correct!

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Now smartphone, whether it is iphone, Android phone or on its LCD screen basically covered with Gorilla Glass, so long as the normal use essentially the LCD screen will not be any problems. However, everything is absolutely free, there are some cases, because of our careless, or inevitably will scratch your phone screen. For that kind of situation, we have to adopt the appropriate preventive measures. Here's to teach you six prevent phone LCD screen from scratches, I believe, still worth a visit!

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Compared to a lot of Android phones, iphone often gives the impression that the more expensive. However, despite iphone expensive, but it is the most cost-effective smart phone! Why do you say this way? Here we take a look:

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Shock! An old phone = a gold mine

Jul 5, 2016 10:50:49 PM

For older mobile phone users, often choose to sell second-hand mobile phone recycling firms. Old phone to the user's own, it may not have any use! However, second-hand mobile phone recycling firms, is the baby.

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Although compared with the flagship android mobile phone, iphone parts within the configuration is seconds into slag, but there is no denying that the iphone is still in a leading position.This is because the overall user experience brought by the iphone, android mobile phones don't can't compare with, therefore, the iphone is still worthy of mobile phone NO. 1.So what exactly lead compared to the iphone android phones have?Let's together to learn about:

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Apple iphone as the most popular consumer smart phone, its success is due to many factors. In addition to the fluid system, rich applications, perfect workmanship, similar arts and crafts design, there is an important factor, is that it has been using the highest quality mobile phone parts.

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For mobile water friends, are often unable to do anything, I do not know what to do? Then for the majority of users a common problem, here to teach you a practical method for mobile water solution, then that is a hair dryer cold dry method

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For a high-end phones, consumers often have to spend hundreds of dollars, such as iphone, samsung s7 / s7 edge of such phones. Thus, for every mobile phone user, you really need to do maintenance to their phones, which can greatly reduce the failure occurred during the use of a mobile phone, so that their own to save money. Here we come together to talk about how to do maintenance to the phone?

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