If some of your iphone 6 / 6plus parts are damaged, such as: screen, battery, rear camera, etc. If you are a DIY enthusiast, why do not you choose to replace the corresponding parts? The This is the most cost-effective way, which can save you a lot of money. The following article will teach you how to replace your iPhone 6/6 plus screen, battery and rear camera

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In the iphone 6 plus the daily use, I believe the user will encounter a variety of problems, to their use has brought no small trouble. To this end, we work together to understand the performance of these common faults and the corresponding solution!

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Why would you iphone 6 Caton?

Jul 26, 2016 8:40:45 PM

It has been, iphone Take smooth system is known, very seldom Caton phenomenon. However, since iphone6 release, many users will obviously feel often there will be a feeling of Caton. Why is this? What is the reason? In this regard, we have to properly analyze!

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Because iphone6, iphone 6 plus battery is designed to not be uninstalled, so for iphone6, iphone 6 plus battery conservation is particularly important. So how to conserve iphone 6, iphone 6 plus batteries it? Following up on a clear understanding:

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As Apple launched the first large-screen phone --iphone 6/6 plus, has been unanimously sought users, sales are very large. Although the iphone has been very good quality, the use of mobile phone parts are of the highest quality, but want to achieve the perfect level, not reality. Coupled with the massive sales, I believe there will always be a part of the user during use will encounter some problems. Then for three faults on iphone 6/6 plus users most frequently encountered, we take a look at, and to know what is the solution? !

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As iphone flagship, iphone6s plus screen performance is very good, but then in the end how much competitive? Let's look at the answers of professional testing organizations it!

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