For users, iphone use a long time, and occasionally there will be some small problems, such as black unexpectedly this phenomenon, which affects their use. Usually iphone screen is blank for two main reasons caused a iphone internal parts is a problem, it is caused by a human factor. So when you are experiencing this phenomenon iphone screen is blank, do not panic, this is not a big problem to find out the reason, you can easily solve.

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Now smartphone, whether it is iphone, Android phone or on its LCD screen basically covered with Gorilla Glass, so long as the normal use essentially the LCD screen will not be any problems. However, everything is absolutely free, there are some cases, because of our careless, or inevitably will scratch your phone screen. For that kind of situation, we have to adopt the appropriate preventive measures. Here's to teach you six prevent phone LCD screen from scratches, I believe, still worth a visit!

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Many LCD screen broken iphone Users often choose to replace the screen. However, here to remind the user when online buy iphone LCD screen, be sure not to freeloaders choose inferior iphone LCD screen, or else suffer only their own. So why on earth do not recommend users to buy low-quality LCD screen of the iphone it? Choose inferior iphone LCD screen, the user, will bring the following disadvantages:

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Accidentally, iphone fell to the ground, resulting in broken iphone LCD screens, believe that this situation, but many iphone users in life will inevitably encounter. So when you are experiencing this phenomenon iphone LCD screen broken, how to do it? Go to Apple after-sales center to replace the LCD screen is too expensive, and to safeguard the general mobile phone shop without worry. This can do? There is no best of both worlds solution? ! The answer is yes!

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As iphone flagship, iphone6s plus screen performance is very good, but then in the end how much competitive? Let's look at the answers of professional testing organizations it!

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Iphone screen film to have two crime

Jun 29, 2016 8:31:19 PM

Many buy iphone users tend to like his new machine screen film, they think this will better protect iphone screen to avoid scratches this phenomenon. Here, I have to say this is the user's behavior appears to be play a protective role, in fact, is not much effect, but also to bring some of their own health risks. Here's a specific look:

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In life, we can easily because they don't care, cause your iphone LCD screen broken, looking at let people love dearly.For iphone LCD screen broken this kind of phenomenon, some users choose to continue to use, some choose to apple sold later in the screen, there are also some ability stronger users manually, choose their own online iphone LCD screen, oneself start work in the screen.

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Broken screen phone you can then use it?

Jun 22, 2016 12:01:38 AM

As our closest tools, daily use of mobile phones, but very frequent. Frequent use, inevitably there will be a mobile phone fell to the ground, resulting in cracked screen phenomenon. My God Yeah! This is how to do?

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