Screen as iphone 6 all parts of the most expensive and most vulnerable one, for its protection, it is really necessary. Then the following to teach you how to protect the iphone 6 screen?

Do three aspects, better protection iphone 6 screen

1, do not put iphone 6 on the speaker or with magnetic screws and other items. Near the electromagnetic field is relatively strong local capacitor screen will be invalid.

2, do not put their own iphone 6 near the high temperature of the place, when the temperature reaches 40 degrees or so may cause the capacitive screen drift caused by touch screen failure.

3, iphone 6 do not put pants pocket, put the clothes pocket or use the phone sets. If you have to put trousers pocket, then do not screen inward, because the screen is easy to friction inside to produce static electricity.

Well, the above three methods for the protection of the iphone 6 screen is undoubtedly very significant, it is recommended that users can do according to.